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1st-Dec-2007 08:48 am
Apologies to anyone waiting on posts. We've had an interesting turn of events in the household regarding internet use... You see, the cable modem we're leasing is very sensitive; if the space heater is on, it won't connect. Herself can still post from work, although I can not.

Oh, and if the humidifier in the bedroom is on, it won't connect either. Or the washer or dryer. Oh, and the dish washer, can't forget that. And if the TV is on. Yeah, there's running the microwave, too. Or any combination of any of the above.

UNLESS... the furnace kicks in. Then we can connect again.

EXCEPT if we have the holiday strings lights plugged in.

Sigh... so I either need a different cable modem or have the whole house redone with modern wiring that can take the electrical load required for modern technology.

((X-posted to my regular journal...)
2nd-Dec-2007 03:32 pm (UTC)
No problem. Just poke me when you're ready to resume play.
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